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It is a popular material with designers and architects due to its attractive brown colour tones, which, when coupled with its high durability, make it a perfect decking material. GL21 Spotted Gum is a premier laminated glulam beam designed specifically for high load applications where aesthetic appearance is also vitally important. This makes it them an ideal wood to build with in bushfire prone areas under Australian Standard AS3959. Glulam beams made from Spotted Gum are naturally durable and termite resistant. Blackbutt and spotted gum in kiln dried F27 structural grade- to order Beam 21 is made to order, and available in either a structural or select finish grade. Discounts apply for large quantity orders Ironbark and Spotted Gum beams also available in 250x50, 200x50 and 150x50 Just Eco is a Melbourne based timber company specialising in Sustainable and Recycled Timber supply. SPOTTED GUM. spotted gum screening; blackbutt; cedar; composite screening; silvertop ash; structural f7 primed treated; kd f17 solid; western red cedar boards; outdoor screens corten steel; cladding. Spotted Gum Beams - Structural GL20 Grade Kiln Dry Seasoned - Finger Jointed Smooth Dressed Finish H3 Treated: This Spotted Gum has a Clear ACQ H3 Coating applied during the Production & Milling process. It is favoured by architects and interior designers for its back-sawn grain structure, attractive markings and … It has smooth, mottled bark, lance-shaped to curved adult leaves, flower buds usually in groups of three, white flowers and urn-shaped or barrel-shaped fruit. 50 x 25 x RANDOM. Produced from a renewable resource of rich coloured and textured Queensland hardwoods. Spotted Gum is a beautiful Australian timber that known for its strength, durability, and unique colour variations. Spotted Gum; Tallowwood; Timber Products and Uses. Glulam beams made from Spotted Gum are naturally durable and termite resistant. The above photo shows the boat as it is today, with two of the solid Spotted Gum King Beams dry fitted (with half-dovetails- I will film and describe this process in a video eventually - and it is already covered in the Carvel Planking section of my book WOODEN BOATBUILDING - THE SYDNEY WOODEN BOAT SCHOOL MANUALS ). The 140 x 140 Solid Spotted Gum Posts have been concreted in ground and the pavers were set afterwards. Exhibiting deep rich colours, the intrinsic characteristics offer wonderful architectural opportunities for creative designs and as a substitute for the coldness of steel, these glulam beams are a welcome return to natural aesthetics for sustainably oriented designers. Alexandria Public Area, Rough Sawn recycled Structural Beams 300 x 200 & 200 x 200 BY 1 6mts Architects and designers throughout the world value spotted gum timbers for their back-sawn grain structure, attractive … Beam 18 View . Glosswood Spotted Gum Matte Lining, Satin Lining, Quads, Trims & Beams Glosswood Carbon Matte Lining Boards, Quads,Trims & Beams. As an engineered and glue laminated hardwood beam, GL21 Spotted Gum has a superb record for strength, durability and performance. Factory 4, 899 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater Victoria 3153 • Phone: 1300 788 705 • Fax: (03) 9923 6791, © Copyright vicbeam. Product. Price starting from $75 GST per lm Lengths up to 6m long!! 150 x 25 x RANDOM. We appreciate your support and patience in continuing to comply to the current regulations during these uncertain times. Spotted Gum KD F27 Class 1 timber is on the top of the list in terms of durability, great for beams or rafters for your pergola. Also very popular to use for tabletops and joinery requirements due to … We don't consider there is any need to coat the underside as long as there is plenty of air flow under the deck. Answer: Spotted gum is a good choice as it is a Class 1 Durability timber when used outside above ground. ... Beams / Rafters; Bearers / Joists; External steps; F17 Kiln Dried (KD) Structural Hardwood Timber is: Our Beam 21 uses Spotted Gum and a percentage of mixed Australian hardwoods for Structural Grade Appearance C beams. From building and construction, including structural components, flooring, cladding, and decking, right through to furniture (indoor and outdoor), landscaping, boat building, poles, beams, the list goes on. Spotted Gum is a distinctive light brown to dark chocolate hardwood with some reddish tinges. For internal use. The hand selected F27 Spotted Gum beams and rafters have a remarkable grain and pattern and it was our absolute pleasure to provide this Pergola. Timber Doors; CCA Treated Pine; Treated and Untreated Structural Pine (H2, H3, H4) Timber Decking (Pine, Spotted Gum, Kapur, Jarrah, Merbau, Balau/Batu) 17C (pictured), 17S, 18C & 18S & Pine - Untreated & LOSP H3, DAR, Bullnose, Quad, Colonial, External Angle, DAR - 12mm, 19mm (pictured), 32mm & 42mm (stocked), 2.440x.900             2.745x.900           3.05x.900, CYPRESS SPOTTED GUM. 1.8 to 5 metres. Spotted Gum(ACQ Sapwood Treated) Red Ironbark; Mixed Hardwoods; Blackbutt, Red Ironbark and Spotted Gum timbers have a natural resistance to fire. Matte Lining, Satin Lining, Quads, Trims & Beams. Architects and Specifiers favour Spotted Gum for its individuality and stunning colour palette which ranges from light browns to dark reds. Can supply up to 10m lengths in some instances. SPOTTED GUM. F17 we supply is Vic Ash. **NOTE: Lead time applicable for this product as do not stock in yard, Mixed hardwood (stocked), Mahogany (stocked), Tasmanian Oak (stocked), - Cutek Pro Clean & Quickclean - 2.5, 5 & 20l. Spotted Gum Grey Gum Bloodwood. Engineers have found that it can substitute for … Heartwood tends to harbour the darker colours; browns, red-browns, whereas the sap wood is often white in colour. Residence in Vaucluse, Recycled Spotted Gum for feature Beams. Dressed sizes usually finish 10mm smaller. You mention the … Depending on location, the timber species used in the manufacturing process differs from producer to producer. Along with its naturally high bush fire resistance rating of Bal 29 , Termite resistance and class 1 durability rating it is a widely versatile and resilient timber suitable for Structural, Internal and External applications. Widths Available: 140mm, 190mm, 240mm, 290mm Thickness Available: 65mm Sold in the following Lengths: 2.4mtr, … We are still operating, however, as part of our safe work practices during COVID-19 we have a variety of measures and policies in place to ensure that workers are safe and complying with health authorities. A premium native Australian hardwood, spotted gum is known for its beauty, natural durability and strength. We have the capacity to dress and pre oil posts for you. Recycled Timber Specialists stock a wide range of Certified Sustainable decking and flooring products and specialise in wide boards. As with most high-density species, machining and surface preparation should be done immediately before gluing and select adhesives with care. The kiln dried Spotted Gum was laminated and joined, and then dark stained, before having 3 coats of high gloss lacquer applied. Or f17 a/d (seasoning) dpr 115x65 150x75 200x75 250x75 300x75 -Lengths up to 6.3m may be available on order. Other sections are available. With superior strength, an exotic grain structure and vibrant colours, our hardwoods offer a bold design statement. Bespoke Joinery; Cladding – Interior and Exterior; Decking – Commercial and Residential; Eco-Lay Flooring; Fabrication – Posts, Beams and Stair Treads; Posts and Beams; Power Poles; Seasoned Structural Timbers; Printable Timber Tech Sheets All rights reserved • About Us • Terms of use • Privacy Policy. Quality is guaranteed by the Big River Group and more than a century of … Anything over 6.5m will be supplied direct from supplier & their freight costs will be charged accordingly. Widely used for power poles, bridge Please continue to chat with us through emails and phone calls. The colours of Spotted Gum timber range from shades of pale greys, through to off-white and cream variations, and rich, deep dark browns. High Grade Durability: This Spotted Gum is graded at "Class 1" Durability. Spotted Gum machines well due to its natural greasiness and there is no difficulty using the timber with standard fittings and fastenings. Find more information on Appearance Grades below: read more . Spotted Gum is a tough timber which has been weathered by harsh conditions. New generation Big River engineered flooring combines beauty, economy and ease of installation. 75 x 25 x RANDOM. GL18 Structural Laminated Posts QLD Spotted Gum Durability Class 1 above ground Description. Berry Woolshed, being restored with recycled Ironbark Structural, cladding and flooring. French Oak Australasia supplied bespoke Spotted Gum Stair Treads and Stair Case materials to this residential project in Melbourne. Spotted gum is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods with a striking appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength, making it an ideal timber for a variety of structural, exterior and interior applications. Arguably one of Australia’s most bold native hardwoods, highly durable and strong with an appearance to match. F27 is Merbau, Iron Bark, Spotted Gum & Blackbutt. Grown along the east coast, from northeast Victoria to Queensland, it is named for its bark – which sheds in places, giving it a spotted appearance. **NOTE: Lead time applicable for this product as do not stock in yard. Load bearing supporting beams Verandah and Pergolas Landscaping and garden feature posts. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. SPOTTED GUM. As an engineered and glue laminated hardwood beam, GL21 Spotted Gum has a superb record for strength, durability and performance. GL21 Spotted Gum glulam is supplied by Vicbeam in structural & select grades, just ask us for more information. 100 x 25 x RANDOM. Spotted Gum Posts and Beams. Beam 17 View . We carry 100x50, 150x50 & some 200x50, any other size we will order in - Joblot. Length. Standard Size Table – lengths available from 1.2 m to 7.2 m (in 300 mm length increments) In the west, the predominant timber species is Jarrah, in the south east, Tasmanian Oak and Radiata Pine and in the north east, Spotted Gum, Slash Pine and other mixed hardwoods, such as Blackbutt, Iron Bark, Sydney Blue Gum, etc. QTY. Beam 21 can substitute steel beams in many high load, long span applications, while intrinsically exhibiting a deep, rich, organic aesthetic that only exotic hardwood can provide. 90 x 22 treated pine decking $2 PER LINEAR METERS WWW.JBMTIMBERYARD.COM About JBM Timber supply We are a business and our timber yard is located at 9A, JUDD COURT, ROCKBANK 3335 15 ELLSWORTH ST E CANADIAN 3350 (BALLARAT) We sell all types of treated pine timber, MGP10, MGP 10 treated pines, F5 treated pine, F7 treated pine, F17 Kd HWD, LvL beams, TAS OAK Deckings, Spotted Gum … Bearers, beams, joists, rafters, facia, handrails-SOLID Merbau- Stamped F27 k/d – 90x45 140x45 190x45 240x45 290x45- 90x35 140x35 190x35. Timber screening solutions. 62x20 - $3.98, 85x20 - $5.30, $133x20 - $9.93/m - All stocked Spotted gum is a moderately coarse and uneven textured wood with some timbers having the additional feature of a wavy grain, giving rise to an attractive fiddleback figure. SPOTTED GUM. SPOTTED GUM. 98x20 - $5.95 & 108x20 - $6.30/m Also Available - Lead times applicable, Balau, Merbau, ForestReds, Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Cypress, CCA Treated Pine. Options available include Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Southern Mahogany and Wormy Chestnut. It often features a variable, wavy grain that can produce an attractive fiddle back figure. Uses END MATCH T&G FLOORING Sizes from 45x35 to 290x35 & 70x45 to 290x45. 150 x 38 x RANDOM. Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus grandis) Spotted Gum (Corymbia citriodora) Sydney Blue Gum (Eucalyptus saligna) Stress Grade: Blackbutt – F27/F22; Flooded Gum – F22/F14; Spotted Gum – F27/F22; Sydney Blue Gum – F27/F22; Moisture Content: 8% to 15% Tolerances: As per AS/NZS2271 Adhesive: Fortified melamine urea formaldehyde (AS/NZS2754.1) Engineers have found that it can substitute for steel in many applications where high loads are supported. It is being laid above a concrete base. Corymbia maculata, commonly known as spotted gum, is a species of medium-sized to tall tree that is endemic to eastern Australia. F34 Pacific jarrah, southern spotted or Pacific Crows Ash Both F17 & F27 can be supplied in nail laminated or solids (up to 5.4m) **NOTE: Lead time applicable for this product as do not stock in yard Newcastle Railway Station, Rough Sawn recycled Structural Beams 290 x 200BY 6mts. With slender, straight trunks, Spotted Gum is readily available and easy to use. At Austim, we know a thing or two about screening. Glosswood Charcoal Matte Lining Boards, Quads,Trims & Beams Glosswood Teak Matte Lining Boards, Quads,Trims & Beams. SPOTTED GUM. It’s the perfect way to create privacy and block out unwanted wind while still allowing cooling breezes to flow through. Can be prone to movement depending on application and environment. Description. The colors of the cedar ceiling compliment the F27 kiln dried … Spotted Gum Gazebo – SOLD 4300 x 6800 mm + 3200 x 3500 front deck This poolside Gazebo with Cedar Ceiling and exposed rafters is an exceptional feature for this residence in Eight Mile Plains. Multiple sizes available from 90x35 all the way up to 525x75. Spotted Gum Admin December 11, 2018 September 1, 2020. Our decking products are Bushfire rated and we proudly supply Certified Blackbutt in 120 X 35 mm and 190 X 35 mm sizes. Architects and designers favour it where appearance matters. Common Applications Spotted gum has a long history of use in engineering applications such as wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross-arms and mining timbers. This weathering produces spotted gum’s unique characteristics: gum veins and a wavy grain which results in a ‘fiddleback’ effect. Size. Colours can be further enhanced with finishing products such as oils and stains. Longer sizes and timber species are available on request.

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