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I can hold a single piece of hair in between my fingers and slice it in half with a Confor Kephart 1075 knife. Dec 16, 2006. Leather is such a variable material. In my experience: 1) Homemade compounds do not work. https://www.knivesandtools.com/en/ct/stropping-compounds-sprays-pastes.htm Paid Subscribers don't … Strop your knife 10 times one side, 10 times the other side. Flip the strop over and cut around it to remove the excess leather using a knife. . 86.4k members in the chefknives community. Veritas Blade Honing Compound 05-M-0801 This honing compound, which took over two years to develop, is the most effective on the market. In this video I test out sharpening and polishing using toothpaste. I hear tell there are diamond pastes with particle sizes of 0.25 micrometer. Chromium oxide is a green color with a nominal particle size of 0.5 micrometer. https://paulsellers.com/2014/05/buffing-compound-for-chisels-and-plane-irons is that a good all around grit or should i be using something different. 98. after the paste has dried (it hasn't in this case) all is good and you can use the strop. Per my earlier post, the leather on my honing wheel had acquired an excess of paste and oil that made honing difficult – to the point where the grit in the Tormek compound was probably mostly rolling and doing little cutting. Dec 24, 2006 #1. just curious if a different grit would be better. Leather . https://karincorbin.blogspot.com/2012/04/make-stropping-wheel.html I have been stropping without compounds and with home made compounds for about 18 months (ish) now. One idea I had was to mark a line in the middle of the stropping surface (maybe a piece of electrical tape) and apply two compounds to each half of the surface. Also, don't use the same finger if you're using different types of compound. The compound should be applied to a thin, hard cardboard that is supported by a firm, flat surface. Homemade Strop Compounds? The strop is now a darker color. 2) You do not need a compound to sharpen your blade. These abrasives are sometimes loose, but are usually held in a medium like a wax bar, a paste or a spray. since a while i'm working on a small pocket sharpening kit -- so far it consists of a 4" x 2" 600grit diamond stone (a gift from a friend when he took some break from working on "rick& morty" in 2018) houses in a small hardwood box with 1200grit sandpaper glued to one side. 4.1 out of 5 stars 112. … I made a batch of using some Pfeil green polishing compound with a squirt of metal polish from a tube and what was … if anyone has any … a old linen strop or in my case a jean strop i made is a perfect way to … The strop paste does the business. $9.98 $ 9. Use your finger / a glove to apply the paste wax. Denim works fine. A place for all things chef knives. Genuine Leather Strop with Polishing Compounds Stropping Knife Sharpening Kit with Smooth & Rough Side 3 x 8 Inch Long for Honing Sharpening Knives Scissors Straight razor Strop Stropping. Sep 25, 2020 - Explore Benjamin Lutman's board "Homemade tools" on Pinterest. Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by hawkinsa21, Apr 18, 2007. 53. Iron and copper oxides are a little smaller, 0.25 - 0.5. . Wenol for polishing,buffing compound for less polish,plain leather for a "toothy" edge. the compound i'm using for stropping is 6000 grit. It seems to me that anything that has a slight abrasive formula might work. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by … Jmurman. Carving Strops.jpg Making a strop lable .jpg I use this on a homemade leather strop to finish chisels, plane blades and other tools. At least, the ones I made do not. Re: Homemade stropping block size?? You can the difference in the colors on homemade strop shown here. i prefer a toothy edge. Conventional stropping compound is bound in wax, so to approximate it, I applied paste wax to the top of the strop, on top of the toothpaste. Honing compound is extremely fine abrasive used in the final polishing stages of sharpening. It is a blend of both chromium and aluminum oxide to give the best combination of cutting speed and fine finish. … people making homemade stropping compounds. Most of the real work needs to be done on the stones first, and stropping shouldn't take more than maybe 10 … Leather quite easy to retighten or even replace in case of an accident. There is no need to buy a carving strop when it is so easy to make your own. Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by Jmurman, Dec 24, 2006. A str8 razor has it's own spine as a built in angle guide so you always have the right stropping angle. Enjoy! . I finally use a smooth leather strop with no compound as the fishing touch. BeaverCraft, Green Strop Compound PP02 - Chromium Oxide Green Rouge Polishing Compound - Leather Strop Green Honing Compound - Buffing Compound 2 Bars 4 Oz - Stainless Carbon Steel Polishing Compound. If the edge isn't very sharp to begin with, or not fully apexed, a strop of any configuration probably won't help too much, with compound or not. Leather is used as it is the only material tough enough to hold the buffing compound (chromium oxide suspended in a wax block). Most stropping compounds are similar in their ability to remove fine bits of metal for a shiny tool surface. When the glue sets up, draw the honing compound back and forth like a crayon until the whole piece is coated lightly. How much more budget can you get? I cannot get any other knife as sharp as that Condor Kephart, the thin flat ground blade and the 1075 steel is a great combo. DIY Stropping compound??? I would say that is the BIG leap forward in your stropping rather than strop material. don't forget to mark the strop, so you know what's on … Does anyone use any homemade stropping compounds? I can now contribute some additional info to the "perpetual" honing/stropping wheel maintenance question. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. i'm new to stropping. For example, tooth polish? There are a bunch of "honing" compounds. All that is required is an old belt, a piece of scrap wood, wood glue and some stropping compound. This will prevent the paste wax from becoming contaminated. Yeah well I "finished" with a 600 stone but I need to touch up the edge a bit more, hence the stropping/buffing compound. The stropping area of 18 inches may be a bit long and I'll likely try some variations (in both width and length). Where we get into trouble is using the compound on soft or deformable surfaces like thick leather. Hi ZenbaaS I glued a piece of saddle leather, rough side up onto a smooth piece of wood with contact adhesive and used autosol automotive polish to 1. sharpen a not so sharp knife and 2. polish an already sharp knife. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! seems like it's sharpening good and it's putting a nice mirror polish on the edge. Rough side loaded with green compound, smooth side just for the final touches. Re: Stropping compound...? I suspect you can actually get a sharper edge by NOT using a compound. Mibro is what I tried to recall.I used the white compound on a strop and on a couple of homemade wheels.I usually use red rouge for most honing, I suppose because I've been using the same bar for 25 years.They are fairly hard, just rub a enough in so the leather is covered,lasts a long time. There are very soft leathers right up to hard hides. Do that 6 times for a total of 60 strokes either side. I have used both denim and leather. I like the yellowstone but there is a wide variety available. Here are some pictures of some of the materials and the finished product. Using stropping compound makes a lot of difference over not using compound. For any out there inclined to have a try at stropping on leather this homemade job is a pretty easy way to start. See more ideas about homemade tools, woodworking, wood tools. That translates very roughly to 48,000 - 50,000 grit. Press down firmly to ensure the leather is stuck to the wood. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/green-chrome-oxide-compound-6-oz A place to talk about the use, maintenance, and acquisition of any … Stropping IMHO is the ultimate finishing touch to a fine knife edge.

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